Cloche / Glass candle cover - small - Pretty Little Duck

Cloche / Glass candle cover - small

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This gorgeous, clear glass cloche is an elegant accessory to any table. This item is hand blown and there may be air bubbles or lines on the glass. 

Protect your candles from dust and damage with this simple but elegant cloche, helping them last longer.

Adding a touch of ambience and style to any room, this cloche can turn a simple candle into a beautiful piece of décor. Made from a lovely clear glass with a rounded knob on top to lift with, this cloche allows the beauty of the candle to been seen while preserving its scent.

It can be used for covering a candle, something delicious and homemade, displaying any sort of potted plant or perhaps encasing a string of warm-lit fairy lights?

Measures: 10x15cm